Penrose Packaging Plant
Penrose, Auckland
9 Months
Asbestos Super Six Removal

Penrose Packaging Plant Super Six Roof Removal

Project Overview

Our client, a large manufacturing business, had a need to remove over 13,000m2 of asbestos super 6 over several buildings due to their old age and deteriorating condition. ATL were engaged and began planning this project alongside the major stakeholders, including scaffolders, roofers, fall net contractors, the client and their own stakeholders.

The roof was spread over several buildings which all required a bespoke solution and had to be organised to ensure the safe removal of the asbestos, but a close re-roof program to ensure minimal water egress into the building.

We tackled this project over 5 stages, ranging up to 5000m2 each stage.

Scope of Work

While the initial scope of a super 6 removal is standard fare for ATL, we had the added requirement of keeping the buildings 100% operational so not to impact on the productivity of the clients business. This meant securing 200 Micron plastic sheeting to the underside of the roofing, as well as installing fall nets under this.

We also had a fairly rigid removal program, with a unique load out of the asbestos and load in of the new steel using a crane. Logistically this threw up some challenges as the physical space for us to operate in within the site was limited, but also the timeframes we were able to conduct this part of the operation was restricted.

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