Mould can become a big problem if it isn't managed quickly

Do you have a Mould problem?

There may be a few signs that suggest you have a mould problem:

  • Surface discolouration on ceilings, walls or furniture
  • Musty odours
  • Evidence of water damage in the property
  • Occupants are complaining of health problems

Mould Removal and Clean-up

Locating the source of the mould is critical and can sometimes be problematic as it can often be behind walls, in ceiling cavities or ventilation ducts. It is very important that all traces of mould are removed to avoid further contamination. Simply killing the mould is not enough as dead mould can still cause irritations and health problems. ATL’s specialist mould removal team has knowledge and tools to safely and effectively get to the source of your mould problem and restore the health of your property.

Any mould which looks black in appearance should be tested at an approved laboratory, to determine whether it is toxic black mould (Stachybotrys chartarum) or not. If toxic black mould is present, the area impacted and the amount of contamination is likely to be significant and requires specialist knowledge and equipment to remove it safely. ATL’s mould remediation and mould removal team is experienced in dealing with black mould and has the right equipment to ensure the cleanup is done safely and effectively.

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Mould prevention

The first step in mould prevention is to address the cause of any excess moisture coming into a property or home. Make sure that it is water tight by regularly checking for any leaks in roofs, walls, windows and internal plumbing, and ensuring that you have adequate drainage solutions in place to deal with surface water from rain and plumbing outlets.

There are also a number of other steps you can take to prevent and minimise indoor mould growth.

  • Install adequate insulation
  • Install heating
  • Install ventilation

These solutions will keep your home warm and dry and also help to reduce humidity and condensation levels. This is particularly important in wet areas of the home such as your bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

 Talk to ATL today for more information and advice on dealing with existing mould issues in your property.

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