Every asbestos project has its own unique challenges or requirements

That is why at ATL we always stress the importance of getting specialist advice from the start, to ensure you have the right approach for your asbestos requirements that meet all the legal obligations. Whether it is a survey to identify asbestos in your building, a clearance certificate for reoccupation after removal, or the development of an Asbestos Management Plan, ATL has the services and the knowledge to support you every step of the way.

Survey Binder Monitoring Training

Asbestos surveys

When it comes to asbestos, a survey is the first step in managing exposure risks. Surveys are an effective way to help you identify the asbestos in your premises, as they provide you with accurate information about the location, amount, type, and condition of asbestos material you are dealing with. A survey is also an effective way of meeting your legal obligations as a business or property owner.

Asbestos management plans

Under the new Asbestos regulations all business and property owners are required to have an Asbestos Management Plan for the asbestos in their buildings. Whether it is a single building or multiple properties or assets, ATL will work with you to develop a cohesive strategy for managing your portfolio. We can help you navigate and manage the policies and procedures to mitigate your liabilities.

Clearance & air monitoring

All Class A and Class B licensed asbestos removal work must be independently reviewed by a licensed asbestos assessor to ensure that any exposure risk is minimised and that the building or property is safe for reoccupation. A licensed assessor’s duties include air monitoring, as required by law, and scope during asbestos removal work or the issuing of clearance certificates once asbestos removal has been completed to show that the building is safe for reoccupation. ATL has a team of experienced licensed assessors who are trained in accordance with regulatory standards.

Asbestos advice & training

Whether you have a minor asbestos issue or something much more complex, ATL can offer guidance and advice to help you decide on the best approach to solve it. From project planning and strategy, to risk assessments and incident response, our experienced consultants will work with you to ensure your asbestos approach aligns with the bigger picture. We can also provide specialist practical training and education so that your employees understand how to work safely around asbestos and avoid putting themselves and others at risk when undertaking asbestos related work.

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