Damage or incorrect disposal of asbestos can cause soil contamination

When asbestos is poorly managed, it has the potential to contaminate not only the property it’s in but also the surrounding land.

If contaminated land is not dealt with promptly there is a risk that asbestos fibres can be carried by the wind or through groundwater to other areas spreading the contamination, increasing the clean-up that will be required, along with the cost. Simple rain run off from an asbestos roof that has been poorly maintained would be enough to cause a significant release of asbestos fibres into the soil surrounding the building. Land that has been contaminated with asbestos needs to be effectively managed and restored to protect people and the environment.

Removal & clean-up

Removing asbestos contamination from soil is a highly specialised process that must be done correctly to minimise health risks and avoid further environmental contamination. ATL has a team of experts who are experienced in dealing with remediation of contaminated land and sites.

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