At ATL we understand the stress that contaminated properties create because we work with them every single day

We aim to make the process of fixing and restoring the health of a property as simple and stress-free as possible.

Contaminated properties and sites pose a serious health risk to anyone living and working in and around them. There are many causes of contamination in a building, home or a piece of land. Some are a consequence of more natural events such as floods and earthquakes, whereas others are the result of environmental factors such as poor ventilation or high levels of moisture which can cause mould. Regardless of the cause, all contamination should be fixed before people return to the property or before any future development occurs.

If the incorrect personal protection, respiratory equipment, and processes are administered, repairing the damage to a building, home or site can be a costly and time-intensive process. At ATL we always recommend seeking professional advice from the start to ensure you are taking the safest, most cost-effective and efficient approach to resolving your environmental challenge.

Our team of remediation experts will work with you to determine an approach that is right for you. We understand that it can often be upsetting to need remediation services in the first place, so we aim to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible, for you to focus on getting back into your workplace or home, or moving on to the next phase of your development project.

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