Methamphetamine contamination is a serious health hazard

At ATL, our teams work in hazardous environments every day.


Crystal Meth

The Fight against Meth

Methamphetamine, or as it is more commonly known, meth or P, is a class A drug that is a growing problem across New Zealand society, but particularly for home-buyers, tenants & landlords. A property that has been exposed to meth poses a serious health risk to anyone living or coming into the property, particularly young children, older people and animals. Meth causes widespread contamination and damage to a property and it often requires significant clean-up because it is easily absorbed into building materials and the fixtures and fittings such as walls, carpets, sofas and beds. Even worse than that, it can easily be ingested through the skin of anyone that touches a meth contaminated surface. Impaired respiratory function and capability is often the result of breathing in hazardous substances.

Read this publication for more information on health implications of a contaminated property.

ATL’s specialist meth decontamination team can clean and restore your property, making it safe and habitable again. We will also remove and dispose of any contaminated materials and furniture in order to eliminate any ongoing potential health risks.


Concerned about Meth in your property?

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to tell by sight or smell whether a property has been exposed to meth. While there could be a few visual clues that a property has been used as a meth lab, such as stains on the walls or floors, or a collection of suspicious equipment, any indications that there has been regular or excessive meth use would be very unlikely. Meth forms an invisible residue on all nearby surfaces and gradually soaks into them over time. Depending on the length of exposure (weeks, months or years), there could be a significant build-up of meth contamination impacting the entire building’s structure, right through to the insulation. The only way to truly know if a property has been exposed to meth and the level of its contamination is to have the property tested.

Safety Personal Protective Equipment

Meth removal & clean-up

Contamination levels are divided into high and low use (traffic) areas. Cleaning up a meth contaminated property takes specialist equipment and knowledge and ATL recommends seeking the advice of our specialist meth decontamination team from the start.

Talk to ATL today for more information and advice on tackling a meth decontamination project in your property.

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